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Lifeguard hut on the beach in Miami Florida, colorful hut on the beach during sunrise Miam

Who We Are

The I. Castillo Designs team is among one of top innovative design studios in the Saint Augustine area. Since 1998, we have grown in both size and reputation, and we couldn’t be happier. Our priority is understanding the specific needs of each client and applying them throughout the entire interior design creative process.
What we create is born from the organic collaboration with each of our client, every design is develop
 on the principal of Biophilic and Holistic design, the end result is an inspiring space that promotes well-being, harmony, balance and flow.

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Iris Castillo

Founder & Principal Designer 

Iris grew up in South Florida where she attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for Interior Design and has a background in Architecture. She has over two decades of experience in the American and European construction and remodeling industry. Her design philosophy comes from the principal of Biophilic and Holistic Design as well as the Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi. Throughout her career she has worked with high profile celebrities in the entertainment and sport industry and has expanded her work thought out the United States,  Latin America and the Caribbean. Iris has received multiple awards thought out her career, including NKBA 2015 Outdoor Winner Design and Houzz Best Design 2018.  In 2017 she relocated to Saint Augustine, very quickly became a favorite among the locals with her fresh and out of the box approach to interior design. Her vision to create spaces that promotes individualism and uniqueness drive her to design a curated collection of artisan and organic hand made pieces selected personally through out her travels around the world. 


Artist Sketching

About the Team

Our team is made up of dedicated talented professionals that love what they do, and they reflect that passion into our clients personal needs. From initial concept to final execution our team is here to provide all our project the attention and dedication that it needs. 

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