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How We Work 

Interior Design Process

1. A phone conversation

An initial call will be schedule to get to know each other, understand what your needs are, and talk about the challenges and expectations of your project. We'll walk you throughout how we work, and what you can expect. If you’re ready to move forward, we will schedule an Initial Consultation.

2. Initial Consultation

In our initial in-home consultation we will view and exchange information of the project and the opportunity to learn more about your lifestyle and if we are a good fit for you. We will do a walk though of the space and note the need and challenges of the project. After our meeting we will prepare a Letter of Agreement with details on the scope of work, preliminary timeline and an estimated budget.

3. Conceptual Design and Schemactic 

We will start to develop a cohesive design concept based on scope of work, at this point we will dive in preliminary suggestions, materials, finishes, budgets and concepts for your input and approval. Depending on the complexity of the project, this process could take several meetings.

4. Design and Project Development

During this phase of design, we finalize selections for your materials and finishes, write specifications and finalize details. We meet with the contractor or subcontractors to review the drawings and to ensure we answer their questions and concerns before they complete their pricing. If we are managing the purchasing process for your project, we request and confirm final pricing from all of the vendors and create proposals for the furnishings, window treatments and other items we are coordinating on your behalf. Once the revised budget, drawings, selections and proposals meet with your approval, we proceed to the next step.

5. Contract Document and Specification

If the scope of work includes construction, we review the bids to ensure the bidders read the scope of work and details completely. In some cases, we may act as your agent and oversee the process and assist with scheduling. If desired, we can manage and coordinate the entire project management process. If it is included in your scope of work, we execute purchasing on your behalf and continue to monitor purchases to ensure everything remains on schedule. We keep you informed throughout the process should there be any delays or complications. We inspect products prior to delivery and resolve any problems before installation.

6. Design Transformation & Installation

If project implies a renovation process we will inspect design process and our team will  meets the delivery from the receivers and ensures every item is placed exactly where it was intended.

7. Project Completion

We help you create a punch list of repairs and deficiencies and make sure everything is completed to our specifications and your satisfaction. At this point we add the final details with accessories and art if that is included in the scope of the project.

Ready to work with us...

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