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Our Services

 I.Castillo Designs is committed to crafting sophisticated, modern, holistic, and sustainable spaces that reflect each client's unique style and identity. Whether it's new construction, a renovation, or a simple room refresh, we provide a seamless process to meet every need. From the initial concept phase to selecting art pieces and accessories, our personalized approach ensures we cater to each client's distinct preferences and requirements.

Full Service Interior Design

Furnishings & Interiors

We manage every aspect of the interior design process, from concept to turn-key execution. By working collaboratively with our clients, we offer a comprehensive design experience. Our services include complete design solutions with furnishings, lighting, window treatments, floor coverings, wall coverings, paint selection, and art and accessories.

Interior Curation 

Room Refresh 

Not looking for a full remodel but still looking for a more inviting holistic and organic space?

Our curation services can help... with a meticulous process of selecting, arranging, and harmonizing various elements within a room to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment. This involves choosing furniture, decor, color schemes, artwork, lighting, and accessories in a way that reflects the desired theme or style. 

New Construction & Renovation

Interior Architecture

We collaborate closely with architects and builders to help our clients achieve their desired architectural and interior style, delivering a turn-key product. From vision to execution, we assist with a comprehensive outline to ensure every detail is considered and planned meticulously.

Holistic Space Consultation

Harmony, Balance and Flow

A holistic home consultation is an in-depth, comprehensive approach to assessing and improving a living space with the goal of enhancing overall well-being, comfort, and harmony. Rather than focusing solely on aesthetics or functionality, this type of consultation considers various aspects that contribute to a person's quality of life. The aim is to create a balanced, nurturing environment that supports the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of its inhabitants.

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What Our Clients Say

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Dry Sticks
"After interviewing several designers, Iris stood out with her unique approach and design philosophy. Her delightful personality and creative ideas aligned perfectly with our vision for our vacation home. We desired a modern look infused with an eclectic twist, and Iris delivered impeccably with her stunning color selections and materials."

L. Peterson

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